Friday, January 6, 2012

D.I.Y. Who needs creamer? Have a Candle in your Coffee

So, before I actually sit down and get into the deep stuff the New Year makes me ponder about, I just wanted to post a little D.I.Y. I thought of a while ago. So exciting... my first D.I.Y. Okay, here it goes.

Here's the premise: have you ever had so much coffee left after the expiration date you don't know what to do with it? Or just got sick of the coffee you bought and still LOVE the smell? Here's a fun, super inexpensive way to use that coffee and make your house or apartment smell amazing.

So, my numbers are missing and I couldn't find a good collage editing system to use that I could completely customize placement and everything so if any of you professional bloggers have any advice on collages, let me pick your brain, please!

  1. First, find your favorite sent of coffee in either ground or whole bean-I feel ground works a bit better. Then you'll need a clear bowl to place them in. You can find this cute fishbowlesque one at your local dollar store. 
  2. Scoop the desired amount of coffee into your bowl.
  3. Usually best to fill it about half way so it will completely cover the candle you put in it.
  4. Pick your favorite candle scent. I suggest using a candle already in a glass container as opposed to tea lights or just the candle itself. You don't want the candle melting into your coffee. Although it smells twice as amazing, it doesn't last long. Before you know it the coffee has completely buried your candle and has hardened over it.
  5. Next, arrange the coffee using a knife or spoon so it sits nicely around the bowl and your candle.
  6. Display it in your favorite place of the house.
  7. Light.
  8. And enjoy!

Thanks for reading and I hope this works as well for you as it has for us.

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  1. I remember this in October! I loved it! I'm so glad you shared with your readers! I'm so proud! <3