Thursday, December 15, 2011

Missing you.

It's been so long since I've been able to blog, it's hard to get back in the swing of things. So much has happened since my fingers last tapped on this snow white keyboard. I'm starting a dance class in the fall. Can't wait! It's been almost 2 years since I've danced and I'm due. I'm considering making it my major. We'll see. The dreams of a girl are vast. 
Back to the many things that have happened since my last post, I've got many pictures I took with ideas upon ideas for new posts that they've now piled up on my camera and the ideas have fallen into the furthest corners of my mind behind the knitting bag, behind the Christmas tree, behind the financial aid forms I must fill out before January 9th. Therefore, it may be even longer before I can make a substantial post. Unfortunately this is simply a post to apologize for the lack of posts prior and following this. To anyone whose reading, please stay tuned. I will be back in action in a matter of time! 
xoxo k

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dog Park Day

Ahh Fall is in full swing. My favorite time of year. Even though my immune system crashes about this time, its totally worth the warm scarf, long sleeve, socks and boot kind of weather. Yesterday we took our little man to his first Dog Park and he had the time of his life.

I sported a mix and match ensemble: Floral long sleeve-Alloy
Pink Knitted circle scarf, Floral vest and Ankle boots-Forever 21
Beenie, Pink and Grey knitted legwarmers and Ballerina leggings-Wal Mart

He swang, he ran his little heart out, and he even met some new friends! Oliver and Scruffy.

And I still cannot put down the knitting needle. I'm so in love. I want to take it with me everywhere I go but I fear my boyfriend might be driven to the edge of insanity if I did. So, I must keep my obsession to a simmer. Wish me luck!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life of a Cosmetologist

It's official! I am now a licensed cosmetologist! Wooo-hooo! After a year of school and diligent study for this "GIANT" test its all over. The weight has been lifted and after all the anxiousness and dread of the day had been erased I realized it was nothing. Just a mild speed bump on the road of my career. Worrying is such a waste. As a little congratulatory treat I went out and bought myself the shoes of my dreams.
Aren't they beautiful?
Found them at the lovely DSW. The place where throughout my year at school I had to have the knowledge of. Had to hear it's siren call and reluctantly ignore the pleading of the escalator ride to it's glimmering showroom lights shining on it's hot deals that were just out of reach. Those double doors felt like a stainless steal vault, a portal sealed off to the struggling student. Yes, you can look, you can even touch but you can't fork up the dough to take them home. Finally I've come into a bit of money and it became the first place on my list. So now I sit in my living room, adorning these beauties for the fun of it, in these tights and beautiful bow shirt courtesy of Forever 21 birthday presents, watching Harry Potter. Life is good. 
Ps. the knitting is going well. Definitely confusing but once you get in the swing of things time just zips right by. First project: Knitting my momma a scarf for being amazing. She brought me up right, the least I could do is knit her my first scarf. Well back to the ol' needle and thread. Stay chipper.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BBQ Face.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. This week/end has been wild. Graduation was a blast. Seeing my beauty school sisters made me miss them just that much more and being very fashionably late and having to sneak to the stage to sit amongst my fellow graduates proved to be just the humor and dare I say, attention, I needed. Fright Fest was interesting to say the least. I think we had more fun on the way home playing the old "If you had to choose..." game at 1 in the a-m. Dinner and the after party the next night were definitely commendable as well. BBQ'd steak, butter soaked squash, garlic bread and baked potatoes with the "works" were much needed. Even Wolfie partook in the wonderous dinner.

Who couldn't love a bbq-masked face like this?

When we returned, however, I was plagued with the recurring swing of the clock hands winding down counting  to the day of the Big Test. Although I feel confident in knowing the tasks I'm supposed to demonstrate, that lump of anxiety still agitates my throat. It has lead me to the conclusion that I need to take up knitting. I need a hobby that is calming and fashionably rewarding. With a new look comes great responsibility. So, look forward to some beautiful little knitted things. To my family, I give you one guess what your Christmas presents could be.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend of Wonders

It's finally time for my graduation ceremony from the wonderworld of Paul Mitchell-Sherman Oaks. Mind you, I've been done with school for roughly 3 weeks now and the ceremony has been postponed...twice. Just a little example of the incredible organization skills I've been paired with for the past year. Don't get me wrong, I have the greatest appreciation for the skills I did acquire while attending this place. It definitely shoved me in the right direction into the industry I'm most intrigued by. Fashion. So, sporting my new bangs (or "fringe" as the "top-stylists" would say...) I'm going to rock the runway and accept my plaque proudly.

 If any of my learning leaders read this, there were many of you I can't thank enough and I think you know who you are. You kept me positive, you fueled the fire of my creativity, and you kept me grounded. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As the weekend pushes on, if anyone is curious how Kristea spends her Halloween weekend, I will be attending Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain with some wonderful people including Shoie-be sure to stop by her amazing blog-, her mother Stacie, her boyfriend Chad who is brothers with my boyfriend Kyle and a coworker-of Kyle's-and his wife who hail from South Carolina and have never experienced Magic Mountain on a regular day. Needless to say, should be an accelerating night. Then it's off to the high desert to visit the bo's fam whom I love dearly. Grandpa Robby needs his dose of Wolfie.

This little man is momma's pride and joy.

So as I embark on my "Weekend of Wonders" I wish good holiday cheer and hope for a safe weekend for us all. Lots of love. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Homemade Happiness

Lately I've been getting that itch. That creative itch that drives me to want to make anything and everything I can get my half polished hands on. But, my hands are half polished which can only mean one thing. I've also been feeling that overwhelming lost-in-my-own-place kind of feeling. So what does one do with these feelings? She discos. I busted open my So You Think You Can Dance Cardio Funk video for the first time and danced out the frustrations that mean nothing in the real world. It felt exhilarating and I sweat all my anxiety right out, body rolled all my cares away, booty popped, dropped, and locked everything I've been worrying about right into a crystal clarity I've been looking for. I very much recommend it. Tomorrow's agenda: Hip-Hop. 

Welcome to my blog.

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