Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life of a Cosmetologist

It's official! I am now a licensed cosmetologist! Wooo-hooo! After a year of school and diligent study for this "GIANT" test its all over. The weight has been lifted and after all the anxiousness and dread of the day had been erased I realized it was nothing. Just a mild speed bump on the road of my career. Worrying is such a waste. As a little congratulatory treat I went out and bought myself the shoes of my dreams.
Aren't they beautiful?
Found them at the lovely DSW. The place where throughout my year at school I had to have the knowledge of. Had to hear it's siren call and reluctantly ignore the pleading of the escalator ride to it's glimmering showroom lights shining on it's hot deals that were just out of reach. Those double doors felt like a stainless steal vault, a portal sealed off to the struggling student. Yes, you can look, you can even touch but you can't fork up the dough to take them home. Finally I've come into a bit of money and it became the first place on my list. So now I sit in my living room, adorning these beauties for the fun of it, in these tights and beautiful bow shirt courtesy of Forever 21 birthday presents, watching Harry Potter. Life is good. 
Ps. the knitting is going well. Definitely confusing but once you get in the swing of things time just zips right by. First project: Knitting my momma a scarf for being amazing. She brought me up right, the least I could do is knit her my first scarf. Well back to the ol' needle and thread. Stay chipper.



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous shoes! They go with everything. So cute! I cannot wait to see your finished knitting projects!

  2. amazing! and congratulations. you so deserve these beauties!!