Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend of Wonders

It's finally time for my graduation ceremony from the wonderworld of Paul Mitchell-Sherman Oaks. Mind you, I've been done with school for roughly 3 weeks now and the ceremony has been postponed...twice. Just a little example of the incredible organization skills I've been paired with for the past year. Don't get me wrong, I have the greatest appreciation for the skills I did acquire while attending this place. It definitely shoved me in the right direction into the industry I'm most intrigued by. Fashion. So, sporting my new bangs (or "fringe" as the "top-stylists" would say...) I'm going to rock the runway and accept my plaque proudly.

 If any of my learning leaders read this, there were many of you I can't thank enough and I think you know who you are. You kept me positive, you fueled the fire of my creativity, and you kept me grounded. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As the weekend pushes on, if anyone is curious how Kristea spends her Halloween weekend, I will be attending Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain with some wonderful people including Shoie-be sure to stop by her amazing blog-, her mother Stacie, her boyfriend Chad who is brothers with my boyfriend Kyle and a coworker-of Kyle's-and his wife who hail from South Carolina and have never experienced Magic Mountain on a regular day. Needless to say, should be an accelerating night. Then it's off to the high desert to visit the bo's fam whom I love dearly. Grandpa Robby needs his dose of Wolfie.

This little man is momma's pride and joy.

So as I embark on my "Weekend of Wonders" I wish good holiday cheer and hope for a safe weekend for us all. Lots of love. 


  1. oh you are so cute!! I absolutely love the hat and your bangs are great. I feel like i have an awkward head for hats so i am always afraid to wear them. haha i dont know why!! but your dog is adorable!! keep up the great work! :))

  2. Thanks, doll! Oh no way, you just haven't found the right hat. It's like finding the right man, you need to try a lot of them on with a lot of different outfits till you find the right combination of sexy and cute ;) Trust me, my head is quite awkward as well. I'd look like an alien if I ever shaved this thing. Ahh thank you. He is the light of my life. :))) Thanks for viewing my blog! Yours is absolutely adorable. Love your taste! xoxo