Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Homemade Happiness

Lately I've been getting that itch. That creative itch that drives me to want to make anything and everything I can get my half polished hands on. But, my hands are half polished which can only mean one thing. I've also been feeling that overwhelming lost-in-my-own-place kind of feeling. So what does one do with these feelings? She discos. I busted open my So You Think You Can Dance Cardio Funk video for the first time and danced out the frustrations that mean nothing in the real world. It felt exhilarating and I sweat all my anxiety right out, body rolled all my cares away, booty popped, dropped, and locked everything I've been worrying about right into a crystal clarity I've been looking for. I very much recommend it. Tomorrow's agenda: Hip-Hop. 


  1. this looks amazing! this makes me want to go buy that dvd so that I can shed the pounds! haha! :) so fun
    ps congrats on starting your blog! good luck to you lovey!

  2. Thanks doll. You definitely should, it's way better than going to the gym!
    Your blog is beautiful. Thanks for the good luck wishes. (:

  3. Is that my Travis Wall on that cover?! I went to the second season on an episode where Chris Brown performed and it was amazing. Travis was my #1 favorite the entire time and when I went he was right behind me, I talked to him, he hugged me, and he touched my hands. Let's just say I refused to wash my hands the rest of that day.