Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crafty Crafts Sneak Peek!

I'm about to get real crafty, ladies and gentlemen. I've got tons of projects in the works and I cannot wait to share them with you. So, I've decided to show a little preview.

my first two projects will be this adorable  side table made from a vintage suitcase and this beautiful wall art from ReclyArt made from paper rolls.

 All I need is the materials and I will be on my way with step by step instructions so you, too, can share the beauty in your home.

My next two projects will have to wait until we move and will be displayed beautifully on our new patio!


  1. Oh I love that suit case one!!! Are you going to do a how to post? I've always wondered how to make those.

  2. Yes, definitely! As soon as I find the perfect suitcase at a reasonable price a how to post will follow shortly behind :) thanks for reading! XOXO

  3. i love them all! i have been wanting to do a suitcase table for a while now. and i can't wait for spring so i can copy your adorable patio lights!