Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fresh New Outlook

Its about time for me to reenter the work force. I'm heading out on my formerly avoided job search and finally getting back on my feet. First things first, find the perfect outfit. Now, a major issue I've been facing is that a lot has happened in the past 2 years. Two big moves: first, to the big, bad city of Los Angeles from my hoboke little hometown and second, to beautiful San Diego to live with the love of my life but without knowing a single person here. And with these two big changes one thing remains the same, my wardrobe. Not by choice, of course, but a busy, expensive school schedule and no job didn't exactly allow me to revamp my outdated closet. So with a little help from this wonderful idea by Kendi Everyday, I am taking the 30 for 30 Remixes Challenge. Although I may or may not have 30 items in my closet, I am fully prepared to make this challenge work. For me its the perfect way to get the feeling of a fresh start when all I need is a fresh new outlook. Here's to a  new beginning and hopefully many more posts to come. 
Thanks for tuning in and don't change that dial.


  1. I was thinking about doing this so I can stop buying clothes or thinking I don't have anything to wear haha.

  2. Right?! It's like the perfect way to force yourself to be creative and tho.k outside of the box. I've got almost 20 outfits so far and I'm the Queen of the "I have nothing to wear" excuse so its a big accomplishment. You should definitely go for it! :)