Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Puppy Parade

Outfit Details:
Nautical tank and Tweed shorts-Forever 21
Tights and Flats-Target
Bow belt-thrifted

We took our little man to the dog park the other day. We're starting to make this a regular thing. He needs more interaction with other pups for I fear he's getting too used to the idea that he's actually a human being. Although we love to make him a part of our family, definitely guilty of treating him like my unborn child, every now and then he deserves a taste of reality. We didn't hesitate to take a little photo shoot, however, before we entered the gated world. I really think he's starting to make friends. It's like taking your child to school for the first time... at first its hard to let go, hard to watch them meet new kids and begin to play on their own, but once you see how happy it makes them, you want them to keep coming back and never lose that glow. Yep, I'm that crazy animal lady who treats her animals like children and proud of it!

Couldn't leave the house without a quick shot with my lovely little girl, either. 

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