Wednesday, February 8, 2012

D.I.Y. Banner

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, as promised here is the handmade banner I made for Shoie

Tools you'll need:
Ball of soft yarn
A book the length that you want your tassels
Your choice of cord to hang the banner on (I chose a gold braided rope from Walmart)
Wire to attach your letters with (I upcycled some twist ties by peeling the paper off!)
And some form of letters-I made mine from scratch out of panel letters and glitter because wooden letters were out of stock which turned out to be much more difficult than anticipated so I don't suggest going that route unless you are very patient and have a very good tool to cut them out with.

To make your tassels the same length I learned this delightful little trick where you wrap the yarn around a book or hard piece of cardboard that's roughly half the size you want them to be. Then, you cut them at the top and repeat until you have the amount you want. Easy as pie!
Next, fasten each strand of yarn to the cord. Decorate your letters. Attach. And your done!


  1. I love it!!! Thank you so much! P.s. That dress looks amazeballs on you! If I were you, I would wear it like everyday!

  2. Of course, girl!:)) Ohhhh yeah I pretty much do. Then Kyle catches me and tells me I should switch it up. hahaha I have to show you my new dress I got from that thrift store I keep raving about in Encinitas! Its super presh.